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Youtube videos

A long time ago, I discovered Youtube and have gleaned a lot of powerful info and help from videos more than from most books, although a book can be referred back to over and over such as Codependent  No More.   So thanks to a lead from another post here, I am now consumed by the videos of Lisa A. Romano and can download them for quick and easy study when not on line. 

I am sitting here watching Lisa's videos and re-learning things I learned so long ago at CODA and ACA and it's killing me to see just how wrong and off my last marriage was.  We both had done some therapy and thought we were making a perfect union but now I see that our childhood programming pretty much ruined it from the very beginning even though we were very happy and in love for most of the 26 years.  I wish I had gone on studying Codependency but, since we were doing so well, I came to believe that I was OK and didn't need any more "help".  We did pretty good BUT - not really! 

Our single biggest mistake was when we STOPPED talking about things we care about just to keep the peace and BE SAFE.  I was never afraid of my late wife, like I was with my 1st wife, but we got into the No Talk Rule early on so as not to upset our mush beloved and respected new partner.  We seemed like a perfect match on almost every level so we didn't have all that much to "talk" about - and yet............

OMG, Lisa's videos are opening my eyes to all the subtle and not so subtle ways we FAILED each other while innocently believing all was well.  It all fell apart just before she got very sick and died last year!   I now see where we both went wrong even while happily strolling through our pleasant union until the things we had been sweeping under the carpet came back to bite both of us at the end!!!   I won't labor you with all the details but I just wanted to say how much Youtube is helping me see the truth and I wish I'd watched these videos years ago.  I read and studied a lot of Codependency and Relationship books BUT still let my childhood conditioning take charge and now that my partner is no longer here to guide my life, I feel completely helpless and undirected!  I have much hope thought based on what little I did learn about becoming free so this is only the beginning - again.  I'll have to start off with figuring out what I want, need and like because I really do not know right now and I'm 79. 

Have you found any powerful self help videos on Youtube?


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Before finding Lisa's videos I used to listen to the adult child and alanon speakers on you-tube. They were very helpful for me too. Since we've hooked up to nbn (unlimited internet), I'm in my glory. I can do as many online meetings, listen to videos or watch movies as I like. It's wonderful for someone who lives in the bush :D

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