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Post Info TOPIC: Co-dependency, CARE or CURE?

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Co-dependency, CARE or CURE?


Hi y'all...

              understanding is the gateway to change?

I describe myself as a racehorse who was put to the plough.

There were not always straight lines behind me. Yesterday i topped a walnut tree. I was scared that when I became 84 I would be too old- and the branches too heavy- to do is then. So I did it yesterday.

I still have to clean up the branches- and take them away for recycling.

It is a warmish breezy day- so I put washing out first. And then decided to wrote this- before cleaning up those perky walnut branches.

Dependency was about addiction. With the rise of treatment centres- the significant others of the addicts came to be called co-dependents.

I was always a member of Alanon. Recall the meeting I went to- when word came through. That we were just as sick as the alcoholics. and because they had a form of anaesthetic- we were almost always sicker.

Cranky- yes!

Sad and anxious. Yes.

Even trauma ridden. 

Writers like Melody Beattie and Pia Melody elaborated on the concept of codependency.

Speakers like Bob E. [Self Esteem] suggested also that the addict/alcoholic also had codependency.

FOR ME... on my journey- _ feel that codependency, at it's core is about fear of abandonment. Trying to be super-good, in over to stave off filing to rejection and abandonment.

As I set out to wrote this I had a huge bank of ideas to impart!

Somehow, now, I have whittled these down to these short paragraphs!

Most time now- as i write [squirrelling, journalling...]... I reveal things to myself, as much as anything! aww ...


So the ends of writing this- must have to be healthy, for me. biggrin

Not just a throw-sway to a thankless world. smile ...

Thanks so much for reading.

Any comments welcome. aww


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