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CODA, Tradition 6.

 Hi Y'all...

CODA, Tradition 6.

A CoDA group ought never endorse, finance, or lend the CoDA name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary spiritual aim.


This tradition is fairly straight forward.

It is closely related to Tradition 7. [Every CoDA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.}

A lot of people relate tradition 7 to monetary giving, but some members interpret this to any form of input, monetary or otherwise.

Getting back to Tradition Six.

The first three letters apply:- A CODA GROUP... Individual members are free to participate in the wider world- in any shape or form that they choose.

I was the member of an Alanon group- where a newcomer started to talk about codependency. This person was asked to leave the meeting. The group actually folded not long after that.

A lot of us would argue, or advocate that understanding the concept of co-dependence was integral to any family member in either Alanon, or CODA.

CODA members do not have to relate specifically to addiction or alcoholism. So we would not always fit into an Alanon format.

If the topic of co-dependency began to overtake the overall topics at an Alanon meeting- then that would become a matter for concern.

But it is always a question of :- how important is it? 

Thanks for the chance to share. smile ...


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 These are unprecedented times.

Not in the history of the world, of course- but in our lives.

To quote a cliche:- "A perfect storm."

I cal this form of journalling "squirrelling". A group based technique.

With handful of readers, maybe.


From the Wall Street Crash in 1929- to 1939 when a fledgling AA movement emerged,

12 years until 1951. Alanon was born.

The 1980's when most of us had a bookshelf of self-help books.

To Judith Herman's "Trauma and Recovery"


Today- all the talk and discussion- about C-PTSD. 


Through all this I have a good handhold on toxic family systems, addiction, and trauma.

I met Alanon in 1970, for the first time- and became a member in 1983.

Our home valley was being flooded to make electricity. Along with the construction crews we got Alanon and AA.


One time i stood at Bill W's desk- at Wits End, Stepping Stones.

I saw the burns of burned out cigarettes along the edge of his desk-

where Bill burned the midnight oil, putting together the 12 Traditions.


In the Wilson's home, beside Lois's chair I draw copy of LIFE, with eh page open on an item about Buddhism.


I was inspired to bring home to NZ, the essence of all this learning and experience.

Spliced into this learning was Melody Beattie, Anne Scheaf Wilson, and other researchers

Maybe Brene Brown, more recently.

Mostly we were discouraged from talking about "the disease".

I think that the disease runs much deeper than we thought.

I think that we are in touch with what it is about, much more than we realise.


I met three of the principals from around this these MIP boards when I was in the USA.

That was three people- principals, not principles.

[But discovered a lot of principles, as well!]

So far I have been banned from the ACA Board, the Alanon Board, the MIP Steps and Traditions Board, and the MIP Business Board.

I have embraced the resources here, and I have gotten much better in myself.

I found out that what we do around here actually works!

Ten years ago- one one of my shares around here- you might have seen splotches, typos and mistakes.

In my sharing- confusion and despair. hmm


Not so much now! aww

smile Thanks for reading. 

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