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Embracing the 12 Steps...


 I can't say that my SO was going through a relapse.

My SO is a lovely mother, grandmas and aunt- always has been.

But over 38 years I have had to face a mean nasty, gaslighting projecting fiend.

Which i have used the steps and meetings as a way of dealing with.

Something I didn't cause, can't change or cure at all. Serenity prayer stuff.


But i have made the changes. My world view is different than it might have been. aww

MY SO woke up yesterday morning, partly blind in one eye. She went to the doctor-

who sent her promptly along to an optician. She ran the risk of losing her sight in that eye.

She had a melt-down- a panic attack over this and reverted back to old well rehearsed behaviour.


Loving caring detachment.

In the margins I mentioned how this was going for me- and touched on how this situation-

[from my perspective] had affected our kids, and our kids perception of how things were in this world.

Addressing the scripting, just a little, with out accusing, or projecting anything myself.

I think I have gotten it right- will know for sure in a few hours time.


The störm has passed. aww...

Thanks for reading. smile ...

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