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From sympathy to empathy...


  It can be a long convoluted journey! aww...

Watch Dr. Brene Brown do the journey.

Ah believe that Bill W. of AA fame also undertook it. 

Alice Miller- "The Drama of the Gifted Child" also- and for herself, mostly, imo...


People will step in your way. Overtalking- oversharing. Taking up far too much space on the planet!

My boundaries have improved immensely- since that were mostly all broken, or non-existent. hmm


But I still need places and spaces- where I can spread out my thoughts and emotions! 

Like here, for instance... biggrin ...


Last time I went to see my therapist I was stressed out to the max. I had suffered a fairly brutal mauling on the MIP Alanon board.

But have spent time getting through this. What happened seemed like a betrayal for me- and for two other members.

there was a lot of projection being hurled backwards and forward. Group chinese whispers, and a fair bit of gaslighting.

In many ways we all have to "go through the mill". The mileu, the phalanx... find out who we are.

And sometimes doing this together... rites of passage, in my view do help us construct healthy boundaries. 

But I do have this hidey-hole here- where ah is learning to trust! 

So far, so good.


I used this paradigm- from sympathy to empathy- to deal with my own co-dependence.

Towards independence, and also interdependence-  smile  smile  smile  smile  smile ...


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