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B-b-b-b- boundaries...

smile -boundaries are always topical.

I reckon that are created through our rituals of encounter.

Also I focus on rites of passage- which I think are what gives us maturity.

The process by which we give ourselves maturity. Get maturity.

Below is a reading from another MIP group. It is a resume of a reading from "Hope For Today".

Very deliberately, I have not included the writer's own sharing. That would be a big no-no. aww ...

In my sharing here I have quoted from the same group. But only items that were directed at me. Strictly so.

Todays reading is about acknowledging and feeling our feelings rather than stamping them down. The writer describes having grown up in an alcoholic home where the lesson was dont feel. The writer grew up distrusting feelings and in effect distrusting him/her-self.  The writer began to divert emotions by focusing on other things like work, alcohol use and school. The writer then began to see the best way to avoid feelings was to put all attention and focus in trying to control the alcoholism in the home.  Every crisis or chaotic situation became the perfect way to get lost and avoid emotions.

The writer found in al-anon a safe place to begin to understand the emotional self.  People were sharing at meetings and no one was judging. The slogans were a help in responding when feelings arose.  The writer began to see that there was a way to keep emotions like joy and contentment and release emotions like fear or resentment.


In latter times I was chastised for mentioning the topic of C-PTSD. This condition was strictly in relation to myself.

This was cross-talk, in my view. Easy enough for the reader to ignore.

Sunny spring day here today.

We had thunder and lightning last night. aww ...

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