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Old girlfriend stuff...


 smile I didn't tell my SO about it.

And now I am glad I didn't, as things have worked out... aww ...

K. and I went out together, two different times- in the early '70's.

An old friend started a facebook forum- and pinned up a photo of us together.

I had always wondered how things had gone for her! 

So we friended each other- [as you do!] and got to sharing memories.

She has breast cancer and is currently getting radiation treatment.

This only came to the fore as the conversations progressed. She has great family support- friends and neighbours.

I was always the friendly-shoulder-to-lean-on sort of pal.

And that could be a pain to me- like Atlas carrying he world on his shoulders.

Said to her yesterday- that one day we may visit- one or t'other in the rest home and squeeze each other's fingers?

She said that would more likely be in a hospice.

I told her that I would rather know- than not know what was going down for her.

I thought that was going to be a good protection for my feelings- and I think it was.

These days- I count myself as a 12-Stepper- and I think I manage together things right- at least some of the time. aww

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  aww Ever since I was a kid- I had a lot of surplus capacity. Loved in poverty and squalour. 

Because it was rural poverty we always had enough to eat-most of the time.

I was an intelligent and sensitive kid. In NZ, in the day the whakatauki [saying] was:-

"Rugby, racing and beer." 

It wasn't much fun for kids. 

But we could go around collecting empty bottles and collect the bounty for them...

...spend the money on sweets, and lolly water. 


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I was talking with K. this morning...

                                                    ...her daughter had come for the weekend and was sleeping in.

I realised that K. was texting me from her bed as she woke up.

Emotional intimacy, as a theme cropped up in my head. biggrin 

I do heaps and heaps of stuff online. I helped start a community facebook profile- beginning with 230 members- now had 5,700 from all over the world.

Facebook had a bad rap over here. Maybe elsewhere, as well?

Anyway- in the hands of the right people facebook has the capacity to bring family friends and community together.

I had a ditch-digging job last Thursday. In a more remote community.

This morning I pinned up a photo. The water races [irrigation ditches] were one time used for mining purposes. [Now mostly used for irrigation].

And already this photo bring old timers and newcomers together. Talking about pulling dead sheep out of the water supply...

[Segue] I am drifting away from my topic here...

,,,anyway- sharing and ESH is all about rambling, and dealing what comes to consciousness... biggrin ...why not?

I am 70 years old now- but I always actually knew whenI was picking up chemistry from someone online.

This linked up with self-care, knowing one's own body, and also self-awareness.

Makes me much more able to communicate.

My social skills used to be horrific. hmm

Believe me. biggrin ...

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