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XA Step 12.


  aww Digital media can be elusive, sometimes...

...I was in the USA in 2013 and actually met three of the principals behind the Miracles In Progress board here.

...two of these people have since passed on. 

But I learned the shuffle- between virtual reality and actual reality. This is not a black and white comparison.

Because virtual reality does form a part of actual reality, in my book.

I had a cyber friend, in recovery. in Florida- and on two visits we stayed with her and hubby.

I won't share their story of course. But on the first visit there was an old yacht sit-in under the tree at a nursery.

The second visit we spent an evening out on the lake, cruising around on the yacht. aww ...

6 years ago I wanted to "test my recovery".

I had an old friend I contacted with online. She hadn't been much of a friend, but we had a lot of friends in common.

Again I will not elaborate. But at the time she had mental illness, hep C, Breast cancer and an opiate addiction.

At the time the Hep. C was undiagnosed, but since she has gotten that dealt with.

She was not well at all. When we made contact she had not been out of bed [virtually] for four days.

Since then she has had another grandchild. She has family with regular contact. We have had face to face contact

over the six years. And will remain lifetime friends.

Then earlier this month I came across K. 

through a group network which showed a picture of us together in 1971. We had catch-ups a lot on this forum- the bad old '70's.

[They say if y'all remember the '70-'s you weren't there!]

An old saying:- "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

This is a huge big trap for us co-dependents!

In my 20's, through the 70's my girlfriends got worser and worser.

The last two had done jail time...

In 1983 I was engaged to get married. Then one day K. came to our settlement. There was a camping ground there.

So, in a split second really I had to make a decision. To go ahead with my marriage, of to make a second choice.

I did not want to upset my bride to be. My family let alone hers would have been devastated. And they would not

have ever accepted K.

So there you go. Flash forward to 2021.

K. is looking for support. She has breast cancer and is having radiation treatment.

In principal I believe in a gender free universe.

I believe in removing barriers and creating healthy boundaries.

I am 70 years old, and have been around a bit.

What would you do? aww

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