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...tailing off...


  Tailing off. ...

Use farming terms a fair bit- fo obvious reasons...

...would not want to leave this forum, completely.

I am not holding my breath- expecting more posters here... biggrin ...

Lovely warm day here, in AoNZ. smile

We have a nephew and niece staying here tonight.

Sis-in-law and hubby coming over as well tomorrow, in a camper...

I have an old girlfriend from the '70's on my camp as the moment.

I suggested that we rekindle our friendship- and she said yes...

...I have found this process to be really healing.

Overall- those were really tough years of change! 

Dealing also with our face 2 face Alanon group through Covid lockdown... with the magic of online contact.

CODA 850 km away.

ACA five hours distant.


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 aww Narcissism is a word I hear a lot- coming from the USA.

I doubt that is is a diagnosis ???

I read, and believe that codependents often get enmessed with a narcissist.
And I can see why, exactly.

My SO I could see as one. It felt like I had married my AF. Who was a very needy child wrapped up in an adult's body.

I could see that through my family history. That Edwardian stiff upper lip.

Reinforced with the males in my family by military training, and military service.

My SO was at her worst in the mornings- diabolical. Such a perfectionist!

I chipped away at this- I whittled away at the inpenetrable ego!

I think I made ground. I think I created space for myself in a relationship, little by little, day by day. aww ...

{a little later}

I can picture someone wagging their finger under my chin!

"If you were able to make inroads into that person's world- then she wasn't a narcissist in the first place!"

Point taken.

These were just my ideas, my view and opinions.

My way of describing relationships, part of my journey, too... aww ...

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