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Old girlfriend stuff...


  aww I saw myself as a pioneer- as scout... along the way I realised that others had been before me- and I appreciated that.

Discovering new things has been exciting and motivating... bin doing this since i were a kid. biggrin

Self care- towards the body- follows discovery.

I have a backyard out there- with two chooks... [hens] and beans and corn and... 

...and this gets me away from the laptop a fair bit... 

Not sure you follow all of my posts. ???

We had an MIP member on the ACA board. From Europe.

He was a classic "dual diagnosis".

He was due to get banned- through a complaint- the usual... 

people do not realise that we sponsor people around here- and have a deep connection through the personal messaging facility.

So when someone gets randomly banned- it is heart-breaking! blankstare

Anyway we managed to get this guy into the NA forum. It was mostly vacant and the was able to graffiti there to his hearts content.

After a year or 18 months there was a pause. Then he came back and took his postings down.

This is what i think MIP is all about.

The founder, John F. Was NA through and through. Now has passed we have his legacy here. smile...

K. and I have been talking by chat for a while. She has breast cancer bad.

Bottom line for me- is that I want to see her, in case show goes down hill.

She has support from family, and close friends- and Planned to join them.

Morale and thinking can be an X factor in illness... ...and there is always hope.

I had a chat with her this morning. We have lots in common. We both speak some Maori as well as English.

So, we have decided to meet in person- sometime fairly soon.

We live about 3 hours apart- so could meet in the middle...

...I said we could talk about next week.

So she can think about it over the weekend...


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The biggee, for me...


aww I needed to say this, for me,

fear of abandonment is huge for me.

The fear is deeply embedded.


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