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Date: home, on Saturday...


  ...looking our the window, with madame at my side.

Bungalows here. We live in a short cup de sac...

[Don't tell anyone!] In this town we don't lock our home when we go out.


In the MIP Alanon group I admitted I was 70 years old- and I take no meds.

I am attempting to reduce my own anxiety, and that I am being treated for C-PTSD.

And I am making inroads into that, very gradually...

Someone reported me to the Mod. for saying this, and it seemed to lead to my banning from the group.


fact is- that I am also a member of ACA, and have done heaps of ACA work. The Yellow Workbook- and the Laundry List Workbook.

At the end of the latter the book talks about thwarting what is called the Stephen Karpman Drama Triangle.

Melody Beattie speaks about this, in her first book- something to be aware of.

Today people talk about fight-fawn-flight, or other combination of words- fight-fright-flee/flight.

but whatever the formula used it is basically about the same thing- and relates to origins of trauma.


Like CODA ACA has it's own set of promises- which are similar.
But ACA also had "The Problem" and "The Solution".

Not  place for an exposition here- but I found that these actually work!

My life has changed for the better. I am in a better shape, in a better space...


I sense sometimes that some people would prefer it, if a person was struggling a bit more, or still stuck, even... ???


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