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Post Info TOPIC: Copyrighting my invention...

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Copyrighting my invention...


  aww No-one else is going to think of this one independently...

I want people to use this idea and practise it in their everyday lives.

SQUIRRELLING. Copyright, David G. New Zealand, 26th September 2021.


I just would not someone else taking up this concept, and making out it is their invention.

At the same time I would like other people to get into it- and make it their own!  


Squirrelling is a collaborative form of journalling- ably suited to online applications.


I helped start a local community magazine- on facebook.

When I joined it had 300, 400 members.

I took on the role of a catalyst. Did not become a mod or an admin.

Membership today is around 5,750 members.

One member had had a stroke, he was struggling with memory.

He had grown up here and been through our local school.

He embraced the forum- was on here, every day.

Squirrelling is about narrative- expanding the narratives... smile ...

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 aww Sunday, after noon here...

We have daylight saving, kicking in in Ao-NZ.

I introduced my invention to NZ through a facebook profile we have in 12 Step Therapy.

I tested the prototype for myself, and on myself.

All I can say is that it does work for me.

I use music too, a lot.

really healing, over the long term... aww ...

Here is the copy of my presentation to my own peers, in my own country. 


Copyright, DavidG. [and inner kid] AO-NZ ACA
26th September 2021.
Squirrelling is a collaborative form of journalling, especailly suited to electronic media.
Early protoypes were called beavering, and badgering.
It is ably suited to people who want to practise a form of therapy, themselves, and for themselves.
Squirrelling encourages collaboration.I practiced a form of Narrative Therapy myself [Michael White, Adelaide]... but Squirreling is a significant extension and a new setting and application of narrative therapy.
For me I reckon it is a significant extension of group work.
Could have the same impact, and effect, as attending 12 Step meetings. ???
Kia tautoko au te whenua nei- Rapuawai, Waitahi-Kati Mamoe, Kai Tahu Whanui. Te kuia, te koroua ma, te tamaiti ma. Nga tipuna katoa, nga hunga ora hoki. Tihe Mau'i Ora!.
Moi? I wanted to be a scientific, or a literary, as I called them. I was 10, 11 or 12.
Thereabouts. 😉
I had my own museum in a vacant washhouse.
I had found part of a hand grenade, some old 19th century books, some bars of home made soap- found in the washhouse.
A couple of old bottles- things like that. 🙂
Then one day our dunny blew over in the wind.
Someone put a shovel at our back door- and we had to use that for a while- out in the paddock.
Then mum rocked up with a proper dunny can.
Complete with a bottle of disinfectant!
Which I reckon stunk more than the contents!
The old dunny y'all could put y'all foot up aginst the door- and feel a sense of privacy and security.
The new one was in the bowels of the old- the door was far away.
Pretty vulnerable, and scary! 🙁
Then after a week or so mum dragged the darned think out to the cherry orchard, dug a hole and buried the contents.
I was the oldest kid in our family- so after a short while of witnessing this activity- I just mucked in and started doing this myself.
Sonetimes the darned thing got overfull- and people could not really sit down on the seat-
-so I always made sure it never actually got too heavy to cart out.
One of life's lessons. 🙂
Befoe that we had friends around. We had lots of trees, dead trees, pets- chook, dogs cats pigs, two cows, and always wild brumby horse to ride around on.
Tree huts and underground huts, a sort of kids paradise, in a way.
But once we got the new dunny I stopped asking friends around.

Shakin' Stevens - This Ole House (Official HD Video)

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