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...keep taking the medicine...


 aww This medicine is sweet. smile...

There is a slight nagging fear- of overdoing the sharing. That I have no right to be here.

John Bradshaw was the big guru on blame and shame. Chipping away at is is hard and tedious.

Owning it is even difficult. For me it is really deep seated. hmm...

About 8 years ago I felt i had reached Step 12. But I wanted to test it.

H. had hep C, codeine dependence, great cancer and a mental breakdown. So I tested my resolve with her.

Just daily banter, really. About this and that. But it seemed to centre on family, mostly.

And close friends.

She began to get nice second hand clothes and to take a pride in her appearance.

She lives 1800k away from here. Where she lives she had a close friend who kept her in touch with the outside world.

They began to keep ferrets together- yes- ferrets!

Anyway th e last week went well We had family visitors and a big family get-together.

Next month we are going on a caravan holiday for two weeks. All around the south island.

smile ...


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I stole this quote- from the MIP Alanon board, which I am currently banned from.

The sentence from Al-Anon Sharings from Adult Children (p.3) reminds us: In Al-Anon, children of alcoholics find the tools that enable them to put the past to rest, to forgive and go on to meaningful adult lives.

This is my meditation for the day.

I struggled so very hard to let go. It did seem impossible- but I seem to have made it...

...Listened to a talk by Dr Stephen Porges... and about the huge value in chit-chat.

These machines- computers, I mean can carry us anywhere!

And As i speak I am chatting with K. 400km away about fruit trees and gardens... biggrin ...

deep down i am still listening for the "piss off noddy"message. But only very deep down these days.

Ah is a big boy now! All growed up... biggrin ...

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