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Post Info TOPIC: It's the tip of my tongue!

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It's the tip of my tongue!


  aww A lot of my therapy- I apply to myself, as I can...
 therapist, now is a coach to me, a point of reference.

I have been channelling my mum a lot lately.

and a lot of her pet phrases surface fairly regularly.

She was the co-dependent in my firmament.

All of my childhood she was going to the bars with my dad... ...but he was out drinking over and beyond that...

..."rugby racing and beer" was the catch-cry of the age!

What actually was in the top of my tongue?

It was about 'the world' relationships, and the human condition.

every day online I see streams and streams of people coming forward with broken relationships, and extremely troubled lives.

Segue:- outside here I hear dogs barking and kids laughing- our household is having a dog birthday party for Molly- who is 14.

             So I am splitting this share into two or more parts- so I can join in!

Participation is the key to harmony.  smile ...


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            The dog party is still all the go- out on the veranda. Dogs, kids and adults...

...I need some time to myself.

Sourdough is all the go these days. Eating some Italian sourdough as I write this.

I wish I could save the world. My inner child would do this too- of it could.

Generations ago 60% to 80% of people would be following religion, if some kind.

Give people some sort of social cohesion. But the institutions are now shown to be corrupt

and hypocritical.

Within that paradigm there were the majority of believers who were genuine- but compromised by the whole. blankstare ...

I am actually a religious believer, myself. smile

Let's go back to greek philosophy?

I would prefer to see a vision, and plan where women played a pivotal role.

Especially women who are carriers of culture and capable of creating new dynamic traditions.

So, being myself, a grey male- I am looking for trends and hope to be be able to identify them- as they emerge... smile ...

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