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Every day...


aww ...every day... I have contact with my old friend who has breast cancer...

...I am so familiar with rejection and abandonment.

I was in a treatment centre in 1985 and 87. As a family member, a co-dependent.

I had access to the office- and the library they had there. So I studied up on scripting- and the PAC theory.

Parent-adult-child. Transactional analysis.

And I learned to apply it to myself- and to my broken world.

So I see rejection as coming from the peer group. Adult to adult to adult...

...and abandonment coming from the parent arena.

My friend and I have spoken on the phone- and plan to meet next month...

...this morning I dealt with my own issues- which we addressed together.

Then her own issues surfaced in a big lump!

I learned through narrative therapy- to only ask questions- if I sincerely want to know the answer.

This is now second nature to me.

This is working really well in my life.

Ah kin put PAC together with NT- and use these as a tool for survival... 

The setting is a friendship setting, not a clinical setting.

Another setting is a group setting- a voluntary self help group setting.

Different rules apply- than to a clinical setting- different boundaries- as expected, and of course!

But I had this hunch- that the experience and knowledge could be applied in a different setting. smile ...

Dr Anne Schaef Wilson saw the whole therapy trade/profession as being imbued, to a greater or lesser extent

by aspects of codependency, as we know it today.

As a member of the client group I set out to navigate about this- and find survival skills.

Recently I have been looking at the workings of Marshall Rosenburg.

He looks like a gaunt giant of a man... interesting to hear him... biggrin ...

Warm and nice Sunday coming up here... garden and chooks beckon... smile ...

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