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       time we visited Stepping Stones- the home of the 12 Step Movement.

The awakening there came through a flood of tears- listening to the first words of Abby and Bill.

I am a friend of Lois -primarily... but I felt like Lois and Bill were my mum and dad. Exclusively.

After that visit- I realised that we were all a family. All flawed and seeking, but a family. This

was one of my major turning points.

Betty K. of MIP talked about being there too- but with large crowds of people. It was different for us-

from NZ and we were the only visitors on the day.

i was able to buy the DVD called:- "When Love Is Not Enough."

One of our guides was th archivist for the records held- mostly about AA, I assume; but also Alanon, I am sure.

In NZ our groups were weak, with many falling apart. I was wondering is the 12 Step movement could have an academy- to train leaders in the movement.

Not an ivyed hall- "back east" sort of situation. But maybe the groups themselves being the training ground.

Getting to used the last two of the three legacies; The Traditions and The Concepts, in a practical way.

Out the back of Stepping Stones is "Wit's End" where Bill would study- and where he created the 12 Traditions.

Along the edge of the table top were the scars of cigarette burns- where he had burnt the midnight oil... 

So looking at the Miracles in Progress groups- designed to have various 12 Step groups working together-

this would be a place where i could work on workable solutions for building healthy groups.

In the USA I went out of the way to meet with three of the principles of these MIP groups.

My town group here fell apart. So I go to one up the gorge, about 50 mins away.

They made me a group rep. And now we are working on a district assembly next month.

There are five or 6 of us, maybe, in our district who might be in line for district rep- and so on....

Out Alanon group here is by far the most active...

...there is a share there this week from "newlife..." ...that might be telling...

will that returning member come back and share some more?

On our groups, just so many people would share once and move on!

No way would I like to see anyone at all go in there and hijack that group.

That group has been hijacked far to much already!

But maybe we could start a Steps based group- that would operate differently- and to see if that made any difference.

Say if members could spend greeting time and coffee time chatting- but make the core of the meeting a "no cross talk" zone?

From the main group- it is only recently that members began to regard the group as a stand-alone group- and not a place of referral to a F 2 F group... aww ...



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  aww IN Alanon- double winners are not usually permitted to be group representatives. And not district representatives as well.

There was a historical reason.

Fact is- that Alanon operates differently from AA- and if a double winner tried to apply AA principles to Alanon- there can be issues.

I am very interested to know- if it is possible for a double winner to learn the Alanon approach and to take that position.

An observation- that I have seen double winners taking on a group rep role...

My own view is that we should select the best candidates for the job of group rep. 

No discrimination. 

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