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Post Info TOPIC: A girl in every port- and any port in a storm...

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A girl in every port- and any port in a storm...


  aww Well, there is now storm, really...

I believe in a gender free universe really-in theory... practise, there was a few more generations to go- really.

But i do have chick-mates, a bit more than male pals.

As regards male pals- maybe read six or seven generations!

A bit of mild dalliance, here and there- but nothing really serious...

...the sort of people that it is happy and relaxed to share space with.

Boundaries are the key for me. These are dynamic.

I learned to remove barriers, and to help create healthy boundaries.

For me the key is rituals of encounter- of all kinds and at all times.

Very hard to predict, or construct.

I think that true rituals should be spontaneous! smile ...

And rites of passage too. I am aware of Erikson's eight ages of people kind of thing...

...sometimes trapped in some fairly infantile behaviours...

...and at the same time- I could also be super responsible- even taking on a parental role- sometimes.

Without absolutely and acknowledgement or support- at all.

So there is a lot of balance to be made... I write... I am watching a Tv programme about an adult child in AoNZ...

this isn't real life- but virtually.

Sometimes people's lives on Tv are so stark- I play patience watch other videos when this is happening...

Spent most of my life around people this programme is about... hmm ...

Glad to say most of these people are still my friends.

I only share my stories "in the rooms".

Any other place no-one would believe me...

...So I always believed in the value of relationships. Sacred friendship.

Lifetime loyalty. 

         smile ...

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