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Post Info TOPIC: One day the posts here may tail off- and then there will be eternal silence... ???

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One day the posts here may tail off- and then there will be eternal silence... ???


 aww ...squirrelling is powerful for me.

I find that a -no cross talk- 12 step meeting to be very therapeutic and enabling...

and it is sometimes difficult to find- to be at the right place at the right time.

Currently I a part of a plant hold an Alanon assembly through my home group.

Coming out of covid lock-down... quite a challenge.

I am one of those people who likes to delegate a fair bit- and to share authority around.
And doing this is a great relief- spreading the responsibility around and about is a relief! 

On these MIP boards I was with two. Coming from the antipodes- the fartherest reach of civilisation, in some ways-

our time zones are right out of whack with the USA- were most 12 steppers live.

So I started just sharing onto message boards- being one of the first to do this.

What I did took a little time- but is was really effective.

I still have an issue with cold. Far more now than pain- But I can see little light- at the end of the tunnel.

Taking and embracing the idea of a higher power! 

But not taking it too literally and using faith as a battering ram towards the world. biggrin ...

I am tending to move out of the substance abuse arena, as such, and into a the wider world a lot more... aww ...

At age 70, my world is shrinking, slowly but surely...

                                                                            ...but I still want to leave an impression, especially on those

who are closest to me... smile ...

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