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Codependency in Alanon...


 aww ... sometimes in Alanon we have bossy boots codependence who insist on some pretty dodgy interpretations of the rules.

Have seen in on online groups too.

Like throwing someone out of a meeting for mentioning the word "codependency".

Anyway- this week I had another instance of this with our national body.

National body- and not the Alanon International WSO.

Our local group- wanted to include I-phone links to our old-timers- on a gal, and another a male pal- to give newcomers a bit more of a

chance of getting into the group.

But head office said we couldn't because of some anonimity rule.

Same week I was going to our most remote group in NZ. In an old tin-pot mining town.

And they did have an I-phone link. 

Coming out of lock-down- I wasn't going to rock up unless I was sure they were having a meeting.

made contact- and they all came an hour early and we had a meal together... biggrin smile ...

They have a rich vibrant group, with five members. aww ...

So I decided to challenge our GSO about their policy.And I did this very nicely.

And they came up with a different set of riles that contradicted the first lot.   [for riles, read rules]

They plan to discuss these- and maybe review their policy.

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